Number of Tigers in Northeast China
According to Lu Bingxin (Director, Heilongjiang Province Wildlife Institute, Harbin, China; personal
communication 31 May 1994), in 1976 there were 151 tigers in northern China, which included 81 in Heilongjiang
Province and Jilin Province. As of 1991, only 10-12 remain in Heilongjiang Province (with virtually none in Jilin
Province). The decline has been due to poachers and habitat loss from logging.
Number of Tigers in Far East Russia
Number of tigers.–According to Dimitry (“Dima”) Pikunov, tiger and leopard researcher out of the Pacific Institute
of Geography, Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Vladivostok, approximately 300 wild
Siberian tigers remain in Khabarovsky and Primorsky Krais of the Russian Far East, principally in the main part of
the Sikhote-Alin Mountain Range, and in the coastal slope forests southwest of Vladivostok along the China border
extending south to the Tumen River and North Korea. Other tiger population estimates I had heard ranged up to

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Syberian beauties wonderers

Forest of hopes-syberian reserves

The visual uniformity of tropical peat swamp forest masks the considerable variation in forest structure that has evolved in response to differences and changes in peat characteristics over many millennia. Details are presented of forest structure and tree composition of the principal peat swamp forest types in the upper catchment of  Indonesia, in relation to thickness and hydrology of the peat. Consideration is given to data on peat geochemistry and age of peat that provide evidence of the ombrotrophic nature of this vast peatland and its mode of formation. The future sustainability of this ecosystem is predicted from information available on climate change and human impact in this region.DSCN9682.jpg